The sad reality of life.

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With a heavy heart, I carry the news of my beloved big brothers death. He died unexpectedly at the age of 38 in a paragliding accident, he leaves behind his wife and three kids, his family, friends, colleagues, and students.

Accepting the death of a loved one is SO, SO hard. It’s final. There are no second chances or maybes left. And there is still so much love to give.


I overcame my first shock and I am confident to pick up creating more again soon. The last weeks showed me a new side of life, one I never wanted to see – but it was not my choice to make. So here I am, sad and grieving. My love and my loss will find its place inside of me and my art.


In loving memory of my brother ❤️


Corinna Scholtysik.


Addendum (October):

Now that the day my brother died is almost half a year away I can finally start to feel like myself again and I picked up my creative tools. I am very motivated to work through all of this and to make more and better art today and in teh future.

On my way through my grief a friend recommended a book. I didn’t think much of it when I klicked the order-button, but it helped me so much, that I don’t want to be silent about it.

The books title is “It’s ok that you are not ok – Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture that doesn’t understand” by Megan Devine.

It’s a non-judging help through the hardest of times with the knowledge of someone that not only earns a living as a therapist. She also (unfortunately) knows from her own experience, what it means to lose a loved one and all the crazy things that come with this loss and grief, how your life changes and how you as a person might change.

If you read this and you are also experiencing grief and/or loss, I feel you. And I am sorry that you have to go through this. But you can do it. You’re entitled to your feelings and all of them are valid. There is love.


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